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It is a website design technique that can adapt to the screen it opens by resizing or adjusting to it. The responsive web design fits PCs, smartphones, and tablet devices of varied sizes, perfectly. It comes out with flexible layouts, flexible grids, images, and more. It avoids the use of dedicated websites for the mobile platform, and with a single website, the businesses can reach out to its large audience. It also reduces the need for multiple versions of the site and thus can ensure better SEO – note that single version websites have better page ranking in search engines.

Reflowing Content

Reflowing content simply refers to content that adjusts its width to fit width of window. Every day, new devices are being developed with new screen sizes. It forces browser to again calculate dimensions and position of all elements and then again reload page

Relative Sizing

Relative sizing simply means adjusting size of element according to width of browser or screen. When it comes to responsive design, one need to use relative length unit. Relative unit length does not have fixed size. With help of relative sizing, images or other elements adapt their size according to browser width.


Breakpoints, also known as media queries, are the simplest filters applied to CSS styles that can be used for different style rules for various devices such as laptops, mobiles, tablets, etc. One can also modify and make changes to layout and design on different device width ranges.

Specialise In

Mass reach

Reach out to over 200+ Mn viewers .

Film Media

It delivers your massage to a captive audience. Because cinemas are located near or in sub-urban shopping malls and other high profile retail areas, advertise are positioned close to point/of/ purchased.

Targeted reach

Choose your audience from various segments – SD, HD or HD+ with a wide range of interests such as fitness, health, cooking, beauty, Bollywood,dance, acting, regional content and many more.

What – Where – Why we

Krystal Movies is offering complete package of marketing opportunities and benefits like Logo recognition on the Sponsor page, Official Movie Poster/Banner, Promotion of Your Brand, Press Releases, Outdoor Promotions, Print Advertising, etc.

Krystal Movies is giving a opportunity for your Brand/Products in movie advertising in the form of on screen – still, on screen-video with punch line or in effective dialogue according theatrical scene or in proportioning songs, It delivers your massage to target audience.

Krystal Movies promotes movies in Indian market with the help of media interviews coverage, online promotions, newspapers, outdoor promotion activities, online ticket booking, movie official trailers, press conferences, television and radio marketing.

According to market with good response, Krystal movies released projects in indian multiplex-cinema, also had released in Mauritius, Africa to sell rights for Television & digital. We thanks to our Viewers/ audience, Media Partner, Associated Partners, Sponsors and Krystal Team.


Establishment Year

350 +

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Commercial Movie Project

25+ Cities

Brand Awareness

We Focused In

Motion Picture Production Company

Marketing Strategy

Advertising Company

We have been creating consumer-centric strategies and designs for clients across various industry verticals.

We have

85,000+ Viewers & Visitors

(Included Our Released Movie Projetcs in Multiplexes and television, Movie Trailers, Website Visits, Youtube visits, Facebook, media Coverage reach and many more.)


To provide effective & Innovative integrated brand marketing and relations solutions which help our clients grow businesses.

Our relationship with the client. We only succeed when our clients succeed.

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