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Welcome to Artist Desk

An artist is a person who is engaged in the activity of creating, practicing or demonstrating art, working with visual techniques, such as composition, colour, space and perspective to produce the desired effect. This could be in the form of installations, sculptures, paintings, drawings, pottery.

Krystal movies is an Indian motion production company. We welcome to new and experience artist in our movie projects.

Acting Classes

In our acting class, we cover Acting Techniques, Audition techniques, On – Camera Screen Techniques, Scene study, Commercial Acting techniques, Voice & Vocal, Body movements, Voice over, etc.

Role in Video Advertise

Apart of Motion Picture Production, Krystal movies is also in Media & Advertising, we are designing and publishing video advertise for commercial use. We also give the platform of our students in our video ad.

Role in Our Movie Project

In year 2016, we released our movie project in multiplex. We selected few artist from auditions but our acting students played roles in our movie. Now they are doing work in film industry. We gave them a good platform to come in hindi cinema.


Acting training is the first step towards launching a career as an actor. We welcome to kids & Adults for acting class and become a Cinema Artist / Actor .

Krystal movies provides for accommodation to our Students, artists and lead roll actors during the set – movie shooting scheduled days.


One Day – 2 day Artist

Krystal Movies Desk – We prefer these rolls for a new artist in our project, these rolls like a Character rolls, where artist play as on camera screen, Body movement and answerable dialogues. This types of roll depends on screenplay writing.

Character Artist

Krystal movies provides acting classes, we tried to give character rolls to our students for a great future in film and entertainment industry. We start acting classes before the movie shooting projects, also we decide rolls for Character according movie script.

Supporting Artist

A supporting actor is an actor who performs a role in a play or film below that of the leading actor/s. Because this is one of the major role to change the game of movie, like a backbone. So we preferred to welcome cinema experienced artist also we give the chance from our student data base.

Lead Actors/s

The word lead may also refer to the largest role in the piece and leading actor may refer to a person who typically plays such parts or an actor with a respected body of work. A lead actor is the one with the principal role in a film.

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