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Welcome to Franchise Model Development

To start a franchising business of your brand, you need to follow few steps. Business model development, Cost of franchising business, Business idea, Marketing & advertise support, and Financial report. Krystal movies supports to develop Business model - related features and advertise your brand in market.

There are lots of benefits to the franchisor include regular royalty payments, expansion with reduced financial risk, and a greater geographical presence.

Business Models – Tier1-2-3-4

We ready business model according tier 1-2-3-4 cities, It depends on your business category, franchise fee, royalty, investment, infrastructure, Area require, Commercial-Non Commercial space, Pre – Post launching procedure, etc.

Cost of Franchising

For the Start-up brand/new brands, it could start with an initial investment of thousand or go in lakhs, depends upon your business type of work and investment. As per our experience, we need to design 2 types of models for cost ie. Basic & Regular. For more details call us today.

Franchise Advertise

The advertising campaigns should focus according market require and taste. We consult you about development plans, improvement & expand your brand, in Indian cities / states. We help you in advertising, Marketing, Promotion, Development and PR strategy.


This is true that, there is a lot of money in franchising your business. Franchise business model development provides advantages of both seller & buyer.

Expert team of Krystal Movies gives better result to develop your franchise business.


Master Franchise Model

Franchisors choose the master franchisee approach in the belief that Master franchisee rights can apply to any area from a single city to an entire country.

Unit Franchise Model

Unit franchising is where a Master Franchisee grants the exclusive Franchise Rights to use a brand name and proprietary information to re-sell its goods and services in either a defined area or within that defined area. Master Franchisees typically sell many Unit Franchises within their Region.

Your Brand Fee

It is traditionally the initial payment that the franchise makes to the franchisor when they sign their franchise agreement and become a franchise. This fee can be any amount above 50,000/- INR +

Expansion Locations

In the starting franchising business, we need to finalise our expansion locations according cities/states ie. individual location (one at a time), multi-unit development, master franchising, and area representative. Growingthe franchise system one location at a time is the simplest and easiest strategy

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