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Franchising Your Business

FRANCHISING is a process for expands business, distribute and services. It is based on a relationship between the Brand owner (franchisor) and Purchase (franchisee).
Krystal movies’s team supports i.e. expend or sell franchise, profiling, franchise strategic planning, market research and competitive analysis, agreements, Marketing & Advertising for your Brand.

There are lots of benefits to the franchisor include regular royalty payments, expansion with reduced financial risk, and a greater geographical presence.

Business Models – Tier1-2-3-4

We ready business model according tier 1-2-3-4 cities, It depends on your business category, franchise fee, royalty percentage, investment, infrastructure, Area require, Commercial-Non Commercial space, Pre – Post launching procedure, etc.

Consultation & Advertising

According market require and taste, we consult you about development plans, improvement & expand your brand, in Indian cities / states. We help you in advertising, Marketing, Promotion, Development and PR strategy.

Sell Brand Franchise

With the help of advertising, we generate more leads from different-different sources, we try to connect to potential investors, conduct meetings, Legal agreement, Payment Process etc.


This is true that, There is a lot of money in Franchising your business. Franchise business model development provides advantages of both seller & buyer.

Expert team of Krystal Movies gives better result to develop your franchise business.


Advantages of Franchising

Maximum Income Franchise Fee Franchise Royalties Material, Equipment Sales Sales of Services Increase no. of Units

Sell Your Franchise Business

Krystal movies supports to sell your Franchise in terms of Unit & Master Franchise as a Marketing Team after agreement with your Brand.

Marketing & Advertising

In the field of Franchise development for a Brand, we plan for marketing & advertise according market taste. Probably we design your Brand’s Video ad, Promoting material for impactful advertise.

Maximum Income

This is true that, There is a lot of money in Franchising your business.

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