Krystal Movies

Released Project

Pre Post Production, Media & Advertise. Released in Cinema Krystal Movies Private Limited is a Media Advertise & an Indian motion picture production company in the Indian Film Entertainment Industry, which produces and distributes Indian Language Films. Krystal movies released a Hindi feature film Chhatra Rajnit in Indian Multiplexes, also give the rights to release in Mauritius and South Africa’s Indian movies television channels.

Movie Inauguration

On the time of media & advertising coverage before releasing date of movie, we organized an event in Dehradun. Respected Ex. Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Mr. Harish Rawat ji has inaugurated our project. Because had selected 75% artist from Uttarakhand.


When everyone works together, the filmmaking process can be fun and simple. Assign a roles at the beginning of the project, and above all make sure you stick to the production’s schedule. Depending on how long the film is going to be, plan that your project time will be between 2 to 3 weeks long.

Krystal Movies gives better result for our audience and viewer. We thanks to our Viewers/ audience, Media Partner, Associated Partners, Sponsors and Krystal Team.

Film Shooting

The Process or art of making Video Films. The term include methods the Video production & post production. After the auditions in Uttar Pradesh & Uttarakhand, we shoot our film at best outdoor location of Uttarakhand.

Movie Advertising

After censored movie trailer, we had start our media conferences & advertising offline-online media in different different cities. We inaugurated our movie in target cities for publicity.

Movie Distribution

Krystal movies is a Media advertise & Indian motion picture production company, apart of After censored movie projects, our associated film distributor and we both distributed film in multiplexes on UFO satellite.

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